Lecture by Mark Potts from Recoveringjournalist.com

He’s here! Mark Potts is right here in front of me. About ten feet away, honestly. Here is his site. He follows almost thirty fabulous blogs as well, see it under his Essential Readings tab. Potts said, “I think a lot of journalists—and traditional media executives—are caught up in old ways of thinking about the industry […]

Skype session with Kevin Anderson

Courtesy of his Twitter; Kevin Anderson: Digital strategist and freelance journalist with more than a decade experience with the Guardian and the BBC. Helping create the future of journalism. FOLLOW HIM ON TWITTER! On Thursday, March 24, 2011, Anderson skyped in to chat! Being half way accross the world didn’t stop him from making his […]

Briggs Chapter 10

Managing News as a Conversation “The speed of communications is wonderful to behold. It is also true that speed can multiply the distribution of information that we know to be untrue.” –Edward R. Murrow It began as comments on news stories and blog posts, this has mushroomed into full social networking tools on news sites. […]

My Video Conference with George Allen on C-SPAN

George Allen is back and on top of his game! Allen participated in a C-SPAN video conference with students from George Mason University and The University of Denver to discuss his upcoming Senate run and his new book “What Washington Can Learn from the World of Sports.” I was one of the lucky students who […]

Briggs Chapter 5

Going Mobile: Mobile reporting. “According to an article in the Daily Telegraph, a London newspaper, children in the United Kingdom get their first mobile phones at age 8” said Briggs. Anyone one the ground can technically become a reporter at any given time that something newsworthy breaks out in front of them. A child could […]

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    • onMason Round-Up – 4-30-12 April 30, 2012
      Here’s a selection of interesting posts from across onMason. “Federman Beats Cancer” by Gregory Connolly Gregory Connolly’s article takes a highly sympathetic and insightful look at Jacob Federman, a junior sports management major at George Mason who has twice beaten Hodgkin’s lymphoma. After first beating the cancer in high school, he experienced a relapse as a freshman at Mason, […]
    • onMason Round-Up – 4-23-12 April 23, 2012
      Let’s check out some of the most interesting posts from last week throughout onMason. “An interview with Mason Dining’s Dietitian Lois Durant” by Nicole Merrilees This interview with Lois Durant provides insight to the life and hard work of a Mason employee who likely often goes unrecognized for her role in maintaining the high quality of life students […]
    • onMason Round-Up – 4-10-12 April 10, 2012
      In the new onMason round-up we take a look at some of the most interesting posts throughout onMason. “Tragedy and Twitter” by Karina Schulthesis This is an account of how social network sites like Twitter have changed the way people respond to and deal with school shootings. In order to make her article more effective, Karina begins with an […]
    • Twitter: Word of mouth 2.0 January 31, 2012
      [View the story “Twitter: Word of mouth 2.0” on Storify]
      Andrew Knight
    • My Video Conference with Anita McBride on C-SPAN May 8, 2011
      If Anita McBride could go back in time, and meet any first lady, she said that she would pick, “Dolly Madison –because when the president’s opponents would come to see him, she used her personality and hostess abilities to drive debate; they would leave feeling like friends,” said McBride. McBride participated in a C-Span video […]