Briggs Chapter 7

Making Audio Journalism Visible

Audio Journalism? It works when using a few tools like a microphone or recorder to make full-featured segments that sound like radio epidodes. You can distribute them as podcosts to gain an audience!


  • Presence
  • Emotions
  • Atmosphere

How to use this audio? 

  • Reporter overview
  • Podcasts
  • Audio slide show
  • Breaking news

National Public Radio has set this standerd. NPR’s success stems from the connection to the audience its reporters and show hosts are able to make. Personal wins the audience.

Getting started with audio is easy, but improvising is not good enough when it comes time to add voice to a multimedia project. Investing time to plan and prepare your voice contribution will make your effort worthwhile.

Getting ready for prime time! You need to:

  • Record interviews
  • Choose location
  • Gather natural sound
  • Prepare your subject
  • Watch what you sau
  • Try delayed recording
  • Do voice-overs

Now edit, edit, edit your piece! And publish!

My Video Conference with George Allen on C-SPAN

George Allen is back and on top of his game! Allen participated in a C-SPAN video conference with students from George Mason University and The University of Denver to discuss his upcoming Senate run and his new book “What Washington Can Learn from the World of Sports.”

I was one of the lucky students who had the chance to personally talk to Allen and ask him a question, “You have mentioned numerous times that Thomas Jefferson is one of your biggest role models; what similarities do you see between yourself and him?”

He mentioned that besides the distinct title of holding Thomas Jefferson’s seat in the Virginia General Assembly, he admitted he is a self-described “Common Sense Jeffersonian Conservative.”

This formidable opponent opened up about his campaigns strategies to reach out to the community.

They are using:

Like I mentioned above, Allen’s book came out in 2010! One of the chapters in his book, which is relateable in his political life, sports life, and family life is: Defense Wins Championships.

Solid conclusion.

As related to online journalism, Allen ended with “The internet is the best invention since the Guttenberg Press”. I could not have out it any better, Mr. Allen.

View George Allen’s Announcement video on YouTube!

Top 10 Ways to Rock Your Resumé

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LifeHacker posted  “Top 10 Ways to Rock Your Resume”, written by Whitson Gordon, on Mar. 5, 2011 and it already has over 115,000 views three days later!

  1. Start with a Big List, and Then Shorten It- Keeping your resumé brief is important, but one of the best ways to make sure your resumé is as good as possible is to start long.
  2. Know What Not to Include- Get rid of not-so-notable accomplishments, and anything outdated can probably go too.
  3. Avoid Overused Phrases- If you want to make your resumé stand out, you’re going to want to avoid canned phrases like “team player”, “strong work ethic”, and “innovative”.
  4. Quantify Your Accomplishments- Pick something quantifiable, something real and tangible.
  5. Find the Keywords Your Employer is Looking for and Use Them- HR folks are scanning them for relevant keywords.
  6. Strategically Tweak Your Dates of Employment- Strategically format your resumé to highlight the jobs, not the dates.
  7. Try a Visual Slideshow or Video Resumé- While many employers will prefer the simple, single-page list of accomplishments, lots of others would prefer to see your personality and accomplishments more in-depth through a slideshow or video resumé.
  8. Don’t Use it Until the End of the Interview Process- If you wait to hand in your resumé until the end, you’ll be forced to show yourself off in other ways, and keep your potential employers thinking about something else beyond the dull checklist of accomplishments.
  9. Use Multiple Resumés for Different Potential Jobs- Tailor your resumé to each specific job you apply for, and send a unique resumé out for each one.
  10. Proofread from the Bottom Up- One of the more interesting ways we’ve seen is to read it from the bottom up. This way, you’ll make sure you don’t skip over any sections, and will also help you see things from an angle other than the one you’ve already written and proofread it fifteen times.

Read the full article

Lecture by Jon DeNunzio from The Washington Post

Jon DeNunzio, User Engagement Editor, The Washington Post. (former Online Sports Editor) Follow Jon’s tweets!

DeNunzio came to George Mason University on Mar. 3, 2011; he talking about integrating Social Media Into your journalism.


  • Graduated UVA in 1991
  • Was not a journalism major
  • Concentrated in high school sports at Washington post 2000-2007
  • Got into digital communication to keep a job

One of the biggest highlights of the lecture was when he talked about third party platforms. He asked, “Who is Mashall McLuhan?” He then showed the Annie Hall Youtube video. YOU SHOULD WATCH IT. The just of the video is a quote, “The medium is the message”- McLuhan 1964.

DeNunzio blasted back, “Its not the media, it’s the social.”

And of course, he gave a few websites that as online journalists we should all be aware of. They are:

Briggs Chapter 6

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Visual Storytelling with Photographs

“The ability to publish to a global audience for free, with just a few clicks, opened up te world to a cacophy of new voices.” –Biggs

So who is considered a photogropher now?:

  • You
  • Me
  • Anyone with a camera
  • Anyone with a cell phone camera

There are two primary kinds of cameras, says Briggs. The two are: A point-and-shoot, where it is easier to use and more affordable. Lens and flash are built in. A DSLR camera will capture better photographs because its image sensor is commonly 10 times larger, usually costs two to three times more.

Editing: Like capturing compelling photos, this is a skill that takes thought and consideration to master. If you can, enlist someone else in your photo editing. A cold eye on your photos, with your description of the story, may yield surprising feedback. Or it may simply reinforce what you thought before!

When preparing for online publishing:

  • Edit, never use original
  • Crop
  • Resize
  • Modify resolution
  • Tone and color correct
  • Save a web version
  • Keep it simple!
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